RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL BUYERS, SELLERS or TENANTS: Are looking to buy, sell or lease a property in the Dallas/Fort Worth area? Kristi would love to answer any questions to help you get started on this journey. Please schedule a call with the form below to see if you and Kristi would make a great fit working together.

TRIO DESIGN INQUIRIES: Along with renovation deals and other real estate investment partnerships, Kristi Hinshaw of Trio Design offers decorating and staging services. If you are a potential client wanting to learn more, a contractor wanting to send info or are someone interested in partnering or investing with Trio Design, please schedule a call with the form below to learn more of the possibility of working together and creating a beautiful space.


RESIDENTIAL or COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE AGENTS, NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL: What if your broker offered you all the services of a traditional, full-service brokerage as well as the ability to leverage the success of other agents on your team? The links below will help you learn more about eXp and the possibility of joining with Kristi whether you are located in any of the fifty US states, Canada, Australia, UK, South Africa, Mexico, India, Hong Kong, Portugal, France, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Italy and others soon. Kristi is always searching for multiple streams of income, especially passive income. For her, it is about living a life you are in control of and want to live! Please schedule a call with the form below to learn about all that eXp has to offer in addition to real estate transactions. There is nothing to lose in learning more!

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