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KvCore is a wonderful lead-generation system that also customizes your personalized Exp website. It is a huge lead-generating system that takes some time to get to know. Below are a few basic things that I have learned about KvCore. It is best to start at the link for KvCore tutorials directly from Inside Real Estate at the button link above, which has many tutorial videos. Also, if you are somewhat tech-savy, just dive in by opening KvCore and start playing around with the many different capabilities. There is live, informative support available when you are on the KvCore site through their Chat Box as well.

Personalize Your Exp Website

From the KvCore website, go to “Web & IDX” on the left of the site. Click on “Edit Settings” to the right of your name. There is a training video button that says “Watch Me.” This is the best information that will help you get your website set up and running. Here you can choose your website background and add your picture, bio, phone number, state-required forms, etc.

Phone Number vs. Smart Number On Your Exp Website

Change phone number on your Exp personal website to your own or consider purchasing a personalized smart number through KvCore Marketplace. If texting from or using certain marketing features of kvCORE, be sure to get your own Smart Number. An exception is if you are only using your database and your name is associated with those leads in the CRM section. For example, if you send out birthday texts to your sphere in your KvCore database and do not have a Smart Number, if they respond to the text, it will still come to you in KvCore, but not to your personal phone number.

Market Brokerage Listings in Your Website

When you put Listings on your website and social media through KvCore, you can capture leads and gather info from anyone who uses your website. First, make sure your Listing Section on your website only uses Exp’s listings on your website listing carousel. Do this by clicking “Listings’ on the left. Then, go to filters and choose “Agency Listings” and “Apply Filters.”  

Market Brokerage Listings to Your Social Media

For marketing a listing to social media and capturing those leads, click a property address from the Listings list, and in the top right, click where you see 3 dots. Post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Craigslist. If the Listing you want to post is not yours and you are in Texas, you must get permission from the listing agent in order to market his or her Listing. This is a great way for agents to market themselves on social media when things are slow or if he or she is new to the business. Many agents do this and most are more than happy to have anyone else market his or her listed property.

Create Emails or Texts for your CRM Database

Rather than paying a company to send out monthly emails, I create my monthly emails to go out to my stored KvCore database and send birthday texts or emails to them as well. On the left of your screen, go to “Marketing.” To start a campaign, click “Smart Campaigns." From there at the top left, choose the Templates tab. To the right of the screen, click the “Add Template” button. Here you will choose to edit an email or text message to store in KvCore. For creating a monthly email template, click “Email Template.” Click the “Advanced Editor” button. KvCore will ask to confirm the switch to the Advanced Editor mode. Click “Yes.” From here you can drag and drop from images your computer desktop or drag text boxes, social media symbols, page dividers, and other features to the main Content space. I often will download free media, such as a custom-made newsletter or flyer from Exp to use as my email content. I save my campaigns including a "*" before the name of the my file, so that when I go to look for it later, all I have to do is search "*". Then, all of my personally-created content pulls up on the last page of available content. An important note is to check the National Association of Realtors website for their rules on all things that need to be included in a marketing email and to be sure to include those features, such as the ability for a viewer to unsubscribe and more. After building, checking with NAR and saving your email template, press “Preview” to see how your email will look to someone viewing it. Make any needed corrections and send a test email to yourself before mass emailing it to your database sphere. To send a mass email, from “Marketing" on the left of your screen, click "All Marketing" and then scroll to “Scheduled Mass Emails." Once there, on the right, click “Schedule Email.” I usually send to my contacts with a specific status, such as “Sphere.”. Choose when to send and select your created template. Then, be sure to fill in the “Email Subject Line.” Your email template will be filled in the content space. Scroll down to the bottom to press ”Schedule.”

Landing & Squeeze Pages

A great way to capture leads is by doing an ad that directs the viewer to a landing page or squeeze page by using Google or Facebook. To start in KvCore, go to “Lead Engine” on the left side of your KvCore site. From there you can click and follow the prompts to build your Landing Page or Squeeze Page. Landing Pages are when a lead lands on a page and has to decide to register or not. Several types of landing pages are geared to the Buyer, Seller, Home Value, Short Sales, Foreclosure, etc. On a squeeze page, leads will arrive on a page and see a little bit of valued information before being “squeezed” into registering for more information to continue getting more of that same value. There are many different categories that you can do on a squeeze page, such as homes on acreage, homes with pools, fixer-uppers, foreclosure, neighborhoods, new construction, seller financing, zip codes, etc. 


Below are 3 types of ways to do Squeeze Pages:


  • Polygon Squeeze: Create a polygon boundary of the section of a particular area, such as a neighborhood.

  • Single Listing Squeeze

  • Video Squeeze: Make a video where you can give one tip. Then, if they want more tips, they need to register to hear more.

Create Listing Sign Riders & FB Marketplace Posts

Go to “Lead Engine,” then “Call Capture." You can create Custom Text Codes in this section much like when you create email campaigns (see above). When using this feature, it is best to have purchased your own Smart Number otherwise the calls back to you are rotated around everyone in your office of which you share the Smart Number, which could be hundreds or more people in your MLS.

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