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Kristi Hinshaw is proud to serve as a trusted probate REALTOR ® in Allen TX. She works alongside grieving families that must now embark on the probate process, the avenue in which the wealth and assets of their deceased loved one are distributed. Kristi helps these individuals to deal with any real estate that might be involved in this process. The fate of real estate often varies. In some situations, real estate must be sold so that the proceeds can go toward paying off any lingering debts. In other cases, real estate is passed along to someone else in the family. Whatever happens, a transaction must occur, and Kristi is the Allen probate real estate agent to help you streamline that transaction.


Work with an industry-leading probate REALTOR® in Allen TX.


Not every real estate agent or REALTOR ® is knowledgeable on the probate process. Kristi understands the ins and outs of the greater probate process and how real estate transactions fit inside of that framework. She offers empathy as your probate real estate agent in Allen TX. That’s because she has experienced the probate process in her own personal life, giving her a look at what her clients go through.


She knows that these clients not only have to deal with relatively complex probate and real estate transactions, but they have to do so while their hearts are still heavy with grief. It’s a tough situation to get through, but as your Allen probate REALTOR ®, Kristi wants to help ease the burden for both you and your family.


Get Kristi involved in the probate process.


Kristi has connections with title companies and estate planning attorneys that are often involved in this process. This allows her to help you with the goals of you and your family without bogging you down with information. Kristi wants to help you as your probate REALTOR ® in Allen TX. Connect with her right now to chat about your current situation.

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