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Connecting well at a mature level with those around you in the workplace (and life in general) is so important! Below are some thoughts in that regard:

Be A Resource

If you connect well to others by being trustworthy and resourceful, they will remember you and recommend you to their friends and family. Answer questions related to your area of expertise even if it is not related to your transaction. Create and periodically send helpful, relevant content that educates the client. KvCore, which is included with joining Exp Realty, is an incredible resource that helps agents keep consistent touch-points throughout the year with clients via emails and texts.

Thank Your Clients

When previous clients refer friends and family or ask to work with you again, thank them with a note, special offer or a thoughtful gift. 

Be Truthful 

Tell the full truth about any challenges you hit during the transaction process. Do not further any possible negative consequences by holding off and tough updates or bad news. Remember trust that is broken is not easily restored. 

Be Understanding

Understand your clients and those of which you are working. Try to see the situation from their perspective.

Communicate Well

Update your clients about what is happening, what their options are and what you recommend they could do. Keep agents of which you are working up to date and always respond in a timely manner.

Keep In Touch

For previous clients or those in your KvCore database, keep track of important dates (like a birthdate or the anniversary of their close date) and reach out with a handwritten note, card, email, text or phone call. Again, KvCore is an incredible resource that helps agents keep consistent touch-points throughout the year with clients via email and text. Connect as well through social media by responding personally to their posts. These points of contact are reminders that you are available as a great resource and will, most likely, help them to remember you when they need your services or when others ask for referrals from them.

Support & Encourage 

Create an environment of trust and mutual respect by supporting and encouraging those around you. Listening well and offering support and encouragement however a friend or colleague may need can only strengthen relationships. Even if you are an individual agent not on a team, gathering a “team” of brokers, agents, lenders, etc. around you helps you have a support system that will help get you through difficult times and set you up for success.

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