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When you time block, you choose to focus only on one task at a time. This helps you get the most out of each hour of your work day and helps provide restful times while also ensuring you do not have too much inactive time. Start by adding your regular daily tasks to a time-blocked calendar. Then, add essential activities. Next, make a list of all the activities you do in your business and rate each activity on how much that task impacts on your business (rate 1-10). Write the time it would take to complete this task with 10 representing the shortest time needed for an activity. Add up two numbers for each of your tasks. Highest number-rated tasks need to be prioritized and added to your calendar for sure.



  • Decide if you want one big calendar or separate ones for life in general and work.

  • Color code different tasks within your calendar. 

  • Keep tasks spaced enough so that you get breaks.

  • Do not create too many tiny little blocks.

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