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There is so much more to what you hear out there.

EXP EXPLAINED: Everything about Exp in a few short minutes
NOTE: Since this video was posted, Exp Realty has offered even more features for Revenue Share. The slide presented will change to Levels 1-3 having "Zero FLQA Agent Requirements" instead of requiring a certain number of sponsored agents to be able to benefit from the next level. Reach out if you want to talk it out more with me!

Exp offers true equal opportunity to every agent. Every agent at Exp Realty is an owner in the company, and every REALTOR® at Exp is on the same split and cap. Here are the main details to sum it up:

  • 80/20 Commission Split

  • Stock Incentive and Gifts

  • Optional Daily Classes

  • Optional Revenue Share Program

  • Optional Health Insurance

  • $16K Company Cap, then $250 Transaction Fee

  • $149 Start-Up Fee

  • NO desk, Royalty nor Franchise Fees

  • $85+tax per month Brokerage Fee

  • $60 Risk Management Fee with $750 Annual Cap (varies by state)

  • $25 Broker Review Fee per Transaction

  • Free KVCore CRM

  • Free Exp Website with IDX

  • Nationwide Collaboration with Other Agents


To be clear, Kristi is not a team leader. She wants to partner with solo agents and team leaders who are excited to collaborate together, learn from each other and get more clients!

Here is what agents also get when they choose Kristi to sponsor them into Exp:

  • One-On-One calls with Kristi or other collaborative agents when needed

  • Weekly Video Meetings with other solo agents if preferred

  • Shared Ideas for marketing, lead generation and systems

  • Free access to my marketing templates sold in my StanStore

  • Support, Encouragment and Accountability

  • Unlimited Access to me as your Business Partner 


Take a few moments to watch the videos posted here to learn all about how you and Kristi can collaborate together.


Make a list of all of your questions for Kristi. And, if she doesn't know the answer, she know someone who does!


Schedule a pressure-free call with Kristi, and she will go over your questions with you so that you can determine if this is a good fit for you. Make a decision that is best for you based on all the solid details.

If you're feeling like your business can only grow as long as you are working it,

If you feel like your business stalls when you take a break,

If you feel like you have no plan for retirement or exit strategy,

If transactions are your only revenue stream,

then consider a path that may help you achieve so much more than just running on the treadmill of only doing transactions. Kristi has learned how to build multiple revenue streams along with building her real estate business working with Sellers, Buyers and Investors.

If you are an agent or broker who wants to join Exp, know that Kristi would make a great SUPPORT for you as your sponsor! No part of your personal commission goes to her ever as she is paid from Exp's side of any commissions. Her success is dependent on your success! 

When you sign up, be sure to add Kristi Hinshaw (Lic. # 0713037) listed as your sponsor.

If you aren't ready to commit just yet, call 214.394.0631or email her at to join her at one of her weekly online meetings to see if she'd make a great fit for you. This is totally PRESSURE-FREE. She wants collaborative agents who WANT to come join with her and not have to be enticed. LET'S WORK TOGETHER!

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