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Expedited Deals

Investors usually make cash offers. If they are securing financing, they often have several financing paths available to them. 

Location Flexibility

The location of a property does not matter to an investor as much as fitting their investment criteria. They are more concerned about market trends, movement of renters in an area, rent appreciation, the zoning laws of the neighborhood or community and, most importantly, their Return On Investment (ROI) and cashflow.

Repeat Business

Real estate investors will usually purchase a few or more homes yearly. If you work together well and become a valuable resource for them, you will see repeat business from them.

Unemotional Approach

Investors do not get emotionally attached to properties or deals and can be fast at making offers on deals that fit their investment ideas.

As a REALTOR® and Investor myself, here are some helpful tips that have helped me:

Take Advantage of Social Media

Join local real estate investment groups and propose your business ideas to investors. Use investment-related keywords and hashtags when on social media. Join Facebook groups and be a resource when you can. This can show you as a valuable resource and gives your name exposure to investors.

Know the Basics

Learn and become knowledgeable in the basics of what investors are looking for in the real estate market. Study up on foundation repairs, roof shingles, the age of pertinent equipment such as the a/c and water heater. Provide data that proves a particular property is the right for a particular investment decision. Learn how to calculate if a property could be profitable.

Consider Getting Your Real Estate License If You Are An Investor

Not only will getting your real estate license save you thousands on commissions, it will hold you to a higher standard in ensuring you are following the law and doing things correctly, especially with regard to renovations.  

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