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L E T ' S   S H A R E   I D E A S 
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Are you ready to get more real estate listings this year?

Set yourself apart from other real estate agents with my fully-customizable, Listing Guide and Buyer Guide templates! I was an art director and graphic designer for many years before getting into real estate. This Guide is just beautiful if I do say so myself! :) When I get the opportunity to meet with a Seller or Buyer potential client, I always bring a physical copy of one of my Guides for their reference. Not many agents do this! It shows professionalism, attention to detail and helps answer a ton of questions they may think of later. These are the exact guides that I use myself aside from the photos that I have chosen. Both are fully-customizable for you!

Do you want help staying organized in your real estate transactions?

Here are detailed, fully-customizable Checklists for real estate agents working with Seller Listing  and/or Buyer Clients. These in-depth Transaction Checklists offer step-by-step line items that you can customize to fit your needs and help you not have to keep all of the transaction details in your head. Your clients will appreciate your ability to keep them informed! These are helpful tools that I created for myself when I first started in real estate and have continued to add to it over the years. Both definitely help with your stress level!

Note: You will need to have a free Canva account to access the generic template, which is fully-editable and customizable. You can add your own logo and personal information, change out or upload photos if wanted and even re-write the text to fit your needs.

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