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Brand Yourself

Exp Realty gives agents the freedom to brand themselves for their business within state requirements The branding focus does not have to be on the Exp Realty brokerage name. Having a personal logo or design helps you to stand out as an agent and sets you apart from the competition. 

You should add a professional email signature with your logo and links to your social media. Having a professional email signature will instantly provide your clients with more information about you, looks professional and shows your recipients that you pay attention to details. 

Exp has a terrific marketing center full of included customizable materials such as blog info, mailers, newsletters, open house materials, videos, etc. Combining these marketing materials with KvCore make for cost-effective marketing campaigns where you are only paying for printing and postage costs, if needed. There is no need to out-source for marketing materials such as newsletter mailing or monthly emails. 

Whether it’s video marketing or social media, keep your brand consistent across all channels so that people will recognize your name. 

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