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Make sure that real estate left behind by a loved one is handled properly by working with a trusted and proven probate REALTOR ® in Fairview TX. If you are in search of this type of real estate professional, Kristi Hinshaw invites you to chat with her. In addition to serving the wide ranging residential and commercial real estate needs of her list of clients, Kristi is a proven Fairview probate REALTOR ®. Kristi works with clients that are going through the probate process – which is generally the arena in which the wealth and assets of a deceased loved one are handled. These assets often include real estate, such as a home or some land that the individual may have owned. Those involved in the probate process can sort out what needs to be done with this real estate – whether it’s sold off to cover lingering debts or passed along to a member of another generation within the family.


As a probate real estate agent in Fairview TX, Kristi works to carry out these processes armed with a comprehensive knowledge of the probate process. She provides service for clients that is filled with:


  • Expertise: As a trained Fairview probate REALTOR ®, Kristi knows the probate process, and she knows real estate. She combines these two together in order to meet your unique needs and to help you and your family accomplish whatever goals you have set in front of you.

  • Empathy: One of the big challenges that come with this area of real estate is that clients are often steeped in grief from losing their loved one. Kristi is not only a probate REALTOR ® in Fairview TX, but she has also gone through this process in her personal life. She brings that experience to the table, helping to provide service that is compassionate and empathetic.

  • Strong Communication: As your Fairview probate real estate agent, Kristi is on your team – she’s in your corner. She will help with complex concepts and bring them to you in terms you can understand. She wants to make sure that you and your family are equipped with everything you need to make informed decisions.


Finding the right probate REALTOR ® in Fairview TX is crucial to this process – and Kristi is here to help. Connect with her right now to talk further about your needs.

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