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Get helpful insight you can trust from a seasoned probate REALTOR ® in Lucas TX by connecting with Kristi Hinshaw. Kristi has been through this process both personally and as a professional, lending her clients the benefits that come with this knowledge and experience.


Are you and your family facing the probate process?


The probate process is a necessity that is often associated with distributing the assets of a deceased individual. The probate courts essentially ensure that these assets are dealt with in accordance to the final wishes of that individual. Real estate is often among those assets, and having a Lucas probate REALTOR ® in your corner for this process can be incredibly helpful in a number of ways.


  • For starters, the probate process is different for just about everyone. Each person or family is dealing with a different set of circumstances, which is why you need a probate real estate agent in Lucas TX that can address your unique needs. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all service in these situations.

  • With Kristi as your Lucas probate REALTOR ®, you’re able to streamline the process. She works with, or has direct access to, the others that are involved in this process, including estate attorneys and title companies. She applies her own knowledge and experience to ensure that whatever needs to happen with real estate indeed happens in a timely fashion.

  • Another way that Kristi is invaluable as a probate real estate agent in Lucas TX is that she is sensitive to the fact that you are grieving the loss of a loved one. Kristi feels it is important to be able to serve clients in this time of need because she has been there herself.


If you are facing this type of situation, please don’t hesitate to connect with Kristi with your questions and concerns. As a trustworthy probate REALTOR ® in Lucas TX, she is ready to provide the help and support you need at this time.

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