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Real estate owned by an individual must be distributed upon their death through a process called probate – and Kristi Hinshaw is here to go to work for you as your probate REALTOR ® in Murphy TX. Buying, selling or leasing property in traditional fashion can be fairly cut-and-dry. However, many more variables come into the equation when you and your family are going through the probate process, and that’s where the knowledge and experience of Kristi proves itself as a valuable asset. As an experienced Murphy probate real estate agent, Kristi will be with you in navigating the process of selling the probate estate and all the technical components that come with it. Not only that, but Kristi has been through the probate process in her own personal life, giving her yet another view of the process.


Kristi is a trusted, knowledgeable probate REALTOR ® in Murphy TX.


Kristi is a Murphy probate real estate agent that can streamline the real estate transactions associated with the probate process. Each situation is different, but in general terms, some of the following dynamics might be in play in your situation.

  • An executor or personal representative is appointed by the courts.


  • A probate Realtor in Murphy TX like Kristi should refer you to a title company of your choice to ensure that all is good before going on the market with the probate property.

  • After preparation with contractors and an estate sale, the real estate is put on the market through a probate real estate agent in Murphy TX like Kristi and advertised.

  • When a property is sold, the money made on that transaction is put back into the estate and dealt with accordingly.


Kristi can anticipate the many potential wrinkles in the probate situation and respond                  accordingly as your Murphy TX probate REALTOR ®.


Bring your questions and concerns to Kristi!


As someone who has been through it many times before, Kristi knows this process

can be stressful and confusing. As your probate REALTOR ® in Murphy TX, Kristi is here

to simplify and streamline it for you. Connect with her right now for a free chat.

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