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Dealing with real estate during the probate process can become a technical endeavor — having a skilled, proven probate

REALTOR ® in Plano TX can help to ease some of the stress that often comes with these situations.


Kristi Hinshaw is the name that many clients select when it comes to taking this work on. She is a highly experienced and trained Plano probate real estate agent that works with families by helping them to meet their commercial and residential real estate needs.


If you and your family have found yourselves in the unfortunate situation where a loved one has passed away, and it’s time to distribute their wealth and assets, rely on Kristi as your probate real estate agent in Plano TX to make sure that all the real estate involved is handled in a caring and professional manner.


A trusted Plano probate Realtor


Not all Realtors have experience in the probate process. Kristi is a probate Realtor in Plano TX that knows the intricacies of the process. Not only has she witnessed the probate process at a professional level, but she and her family have had to deal with it in their own private lives. She has a vivid idea of what her clients are going through, which only allows her to serve them more effectively.


Kristi is a Plano probate REALTOR ® that has connections with others who can help in the probate process, such as title companies, estate attorneys, contractors, and estate sale companies. After all, probate involves a number of different parties, and teamwork is a necessity in order to minimize the time and stress associated with these proceedings.


You can focus on your family – Kristi will handle your real estate assets


When you lose a loved one, the last thing you likely want to do is quarterback the buying, selling or transfer of property. Kristi has you covered. She’s ready to serve you in this capacity as your probate REALTOR ® in Plano TX. Connect with her right now with your questions or concerns.

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