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The process in which assets of a deceased loved one are distributed is called probate and it often includes real estate, which is why a probate REALTOR ® in Richardson TX is so vital. Just because the transfer of a home or property is being conducted in accordance with the probate process doesn’t mean the transaction will be simple. In fact, in many ways, it can become more complicated. With a Richardson probate real estate agent in your corner, you’ll be able to successfully navigate any challenges that might come up during these types of transactions.


Introducing Kristi Hinshaw, a seasoned probate REALTOR ® in Richardson TX


Kristi Hinshaw is a local real estate agent that has worked with a long list of clients, helping them to meet their goals when it comes to both residential and commercial property. Kristi is a valuable resource for those that are seeking a Richardson probate REALTOR ®, and here’s why:



  • Kristi has experience with the probate process – both in her personal and professional lives. After being through this sometimes-intricate process herself, she knows what to expect and can anticipate any complexities that might arise when it comes time to deal with any real estate that is involved.

  • She is sensitive to her clients and allows them time to grieve while she handles the process of buying/selling/transferring a property. It’s important to get a probate REALTOR ® in Richardson TX that you can trust because it can be difficult to focus on the logistics of the probate process while you’re also mourning the loss of a loved one. Kristi wants to ensure that you can be there for your family while still successfully navigating the probate process.

  • Kristi works closely with the other professionals involved in the probate process in order to effectively serve her clients. She has connections with title companies, estate attorneys, contractors, movers and estate sale companies for direct communication.


The death of a loved one can be difficult, and it’s never the ideal circumstance to meet new clients. Still, Kristi Hinshaw takes great pride in her work as a trusted probate REALTOR ® in Richardson TX and invites you to lean on her knowledge and expertise during this difficult time. Connect with Kristi right now to get started.

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