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If you are in search of a compassionate, knowledgeable probate REALTOR ® in Wylie TX, don’t hesitate to connect with Kristi Hinshaw. Kristi specializes in many areas of both commercial and residential real estate, successfully helping her clients to navigate the unique circumstances they are facing and achieve their goals. This includes serving as a trusted Wylie probate REALTOR ®, working alongside those that have been named the Executor or Administrator of a deceased loved one’s estate. This individual has many different things to consider and worry about as the final wishes of a descendant are honored and his or her property and assets are distributed accordingly. This process often plays out via the probate process.


When Wylie TX real estate is considered probate, you need a probate REALTOR ® in Wylie TX to help streamline the process, and that’s where Kristi proves to be a worthy asset. Kristi is a Wylie probate REALTOR ® who considers it an honor to work alongside families that have lost a loved one.



As someone that has gone through the probate process in her own personal life, Kristi is a probate real estate agent in Wylie TX that can empathize with you and your situation. She knows the process can be confusing and stressful, and she’s here to help you through it.


Armed with the knowledge of the probate process, Kristi is here to help achieve whatever is needed with probate real estate, whether that means it is to be sold to a loved one’s relative or to the general public. As your Wylie probate REALTOR ®, Kristi will do her best to make sure that this process moves along smoothly as possible for you and your family.


Connect with Kristi Hinshaw and address your Wylie TX real estate needs.


In the world of real estate, you need a seasoned professional in your corner. Single mistakes can prove costly, which is why the stakes are so high when it comes to picking the right REALTOR ®.


Whether you’re on the hunt for a probate REALTOR ® in Wylie TX, or you’re simply looking to sell a home or land yourself, Kristi is ready to work with you. Connect with her right now and get answers and insight to your questions.

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